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HSE Continuing Green Efforts

Spectrum Center is making changes to become more environmentally conscious, specifically in the ways energy is used and post-consumer products are recycled.

Changes at TWCA include:

All break room faucets have added a low flow adapters which, when combined with sensor faucets and flush valves already in place in the restrooms throughout the building, will conserve water usage by up to 32%.

Energy Management
All building lights at Spectrum Center are controlled with a low voltage control system, allowing lighting groups to be controlled at specific times and usage. Fluorescent lighting is utilized wherever possible throughout the arena, and in cases where incandescent lighting is still used, bulb wattage has been decreased by as much as half. The transition from incandescent to LED technology is underway.

  • Bulbs in all suites have been decreased from 50 watts to 35
  • Time schedules and photocells control exterior lighting
  • The number of lamps per light in the marshalling area has been reduced from six to two
  • All 250 watt bulbs at the escalators have been changed to compact florescents
  • Motion sensors have been added to lesser-used spaces

Waste and Recycling
In partnership with Coca-Cola Consolidated, more than 150 receptacles for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles have been distributed throughout the arena to help fans and staff keep those items out of landfills while returning them to the recycling process. In addition to that, all employees now have paper recycling bins under their desks.

At the present time, chemicals being used to clean surfaces in the arena are approximately 85% green or green certified, with a goal of becoming 100% green.

Food Preparation and Service
All food service areas use earth-friendly plates, bowls, napkins and utensils. Free range organic chicken and grass fed beef is used, and all food items are free of any trans fat. Additionally, the zero trans fat fryer oil utilized in food preparation is recycled after each use.

***Continue to check back for more green initiatives currently in the planning stages at Spectrum Center and Hornets Sports & Entertainment.

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